Cookies are very small text files stored on your computer by the websites that you visit. Even though almost every website uses them, the law has changed and websites have to notify you that they're using them. Cookies are used to help users navigate around sites more efficiently, they are invaluable for setting up security systems and they are also used for analytics. Analytics is basically recording which pages are getting the most and least visitors, and how those visitors are getting there. This helps website owners to make sure they're delivering the content their users want to see and making it as easily accessible as possible. It doesn't record any personal data - we don't know who's visiting, just where they've visted.

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At The Bridge we use 6 cookies. One of them is vital for the site to function at all, another is used if you log in (it allows us to distinguish between people who are logged in and those who aren't) and then the other 4 are for our analytics. We use Google Analytics which is the most popular analytics service on the web. This information is really useful in helping us tailor the site.

If you are not happy with us placing cookies on your computer at all, please leave the site and delete all cookies.

If you want the site to work but do not want us to use the 3 cookies related to Google Analytics, please install this add-on to your web browser. It will stop Google Analytics tracking you on any site. Please do remember, however, that by doing this you hinder our ability to develop the site.

Thank you for using our site and helping us manage it as best we can.

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