Dr Bob Mayo

Bob Mayo

Ask and you will be answered - doctoral Doctor Bob gives quick, clear and concise responses to the issues of the day. Is it best to be popular or most popular in your class? How Christian is too Christian? Is kissing going out? All questions come from the Bridge family of young people, youth workers, friends and others. All submissions can remain anonymous. Join up and start asking...

How much should we fear the Lord?


How much should we fear the Lord?


Take the F out of fear and you have an ear & that is what counts. Listen to what God is saying through your prayers, the Bible and what your Christian friends tell you. Fear is an old-fashioned word meaning respect and gratitude. It is an attitude of mind and not a specific thing that you should be doing. Think of someone who was a combination of a well liked teacher & parent & best friend and you are getting close to what is meant.

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