The Vision

The Bridge is a place for young people to find faith-building, life-impacting teaching that is both biblical and relevant to the issues of today. Through articles and videos, we want to help encourage and equip you to live as disciples of Jesus that shape the world around us.

But not only that, we want to build a bridge between young people and church leadership. We use polls and site-usage data to spot trends, so that we can inform and educate the wider church.

The Bridge is...

Through the site, you will find content unpacking the Bible, addressing your questions, explaining difficult issues from a wide range of authors from different backgrounds and denominations. What we have in common is a desire not to ‘water down’ what we believe, and a heart for speaking relevantly and accessibly for young people today!

Many of us are grateful for the support and encouragement we received from youth workers and church leaders when we were young people and therefore our heart and passion is to pass this on to you.

That’s The Bridge.

Take a look at our recent topics here. We hope you are encouraged by what you find!

Our story

The Bridge, launched in April 2013, was born out a clear call from God to build a website and a passion to see young people equipped with biblical, relevant teaching.

How it would actually work was thrashed out over a chinese take away in a borrowed flat in Nottingham...


Who are we?

The Bridge is run by a team of volunteers passionate about Jesus and committed to resourcing young people with creative, engaging, biblical teaching. Ben Baker is the Director of The Bridge and is well supported by a team with bags of youth work experience, who find themselves in a range of youth and church ministry contexts.

The Bridge is part of Bridge Ministries a family of ministries enabling the discipleship of young people in relevant ways. Sam Follett and Charlie Lamont who founded The Bridge are now directors of Bridge Ministries.

To see what else we've been up to, check out The Road, our video-based apologetics resource answering the biggest objections to the Christian faith.

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